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Author, entrepreneur, speaker

My Story

Corinthus Alston is the Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of several books (Patience, Process and Preparation: Learning How To Wait To Move Forward, The Gift of Grace: God’s Unmerited Favor, and two child books: A Day With Dad and Cooking With Dad).

He has been writing for some time, scribbling down notes here and there, until one day he wanted to cross off writing a book from his bucket list of items. Since then books have been flowing out from him. What he thought was just notes in his journal have fueled his passion to write.

He is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience in different senior management roles and respectfully served in the US Navy. In addition, Corinthus has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, a B.S. in Psychology , and a Masters of Business Administration.

He also is an Ordained Minister resides in the Southern suburbs of Chicago with his wife and family.

Featured Book

By Corinthus Alston


Learning To Wait To Move Forward

Avoid the easy way out and achieve lasting, all-round success in every area of your life!

Do you often find it difficult to develop the patience needed for good things to fall into place? Are you tired of leavings things halfway right before they begin to yield results? 

Do you want to finally say goodbye to your commitment issues and chronic impatience and discover the secrets that will help you stay on track?

Here’s a snippet of what you’re going to discover in the pages of Patience, Process & Preparation:


  • Powerful reasons why you should trust the process and not be in a hurry to cut corners to achieve your goals
  • 3 salient questions to ask yourself to help you prioritize what’s important in your life
  • How your preconceived notions affect your perception which in turn influences your reality
  • Why failure is okay and is even necessary to get you to your final destination