Corinthus Alston

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BY Corinthus Alston


In this this book, Corinthus expresses how to use these three powerful keys to completely transform your life as well as help you cultivate the habit of patience, the understanding that you have to go through the process and the need for preparation.


Corinthus Alston is the Author of the series ‘The Journey’(CKJ Publishing), and ‘ With Dad’ children books (CKJ Publishing) among other works.  He has been writing for some time, scribbling down notes here and there, until one day he wanted to cross off writing a book from his bucket list of items.  Since then books have been flowing out from him.    What he thought was just notes in his journal have fueled his passion to write.

He is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience in different senior management roles and respectfully served in the US Navy.  In addition, Corinthus has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, a B.S. in Psychology , and a Masters of Business Administration.

He also is a Minister of the Gospel and native of Illinois where he resides in the Southern suburbs of Chicago with his wife and family.


Williams’s favorite activity was playing at home with his Dad and Mom. They often had a lot of fun and laughter with exciting games, and he often learned a lot about the world.