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Follow the exciting adventures of Jackie as she spends the day with her Dad in this engaging book for children by Corinthus Alston.Saturdays are often a lot of fun for Jackie because her father spends most of his day with her. Jackie is really looking forward to spending this weekend with her Dad as he has a special trip planned for her. He is taking Jackie to the zoo!She is so excited to see all of the different animals and to learn about them. Dad tells her about some of the animals they will see like rhinoceros, giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, tigers, eagles and so much more!

Un Día con Papá (A DAY WITH DAD – Spanish)

Spanish Edition - Paperback

Sigue las emocionantes aventuras de María mientras pasa el día con su papá en este atractivo libro para niños de Corinthus Alston. Los sábados a menudo son muy divertidos para María porque su padre pasa la mayor parte del día con ella. María tiene muchas ganas de pasar este fin de semana con su padre, ya que tiene un viaje especial planeado para ella. ¡Está llevando a María al zoológico! Ella está tan emocionada de ver a todos los diferentes animales y aprender sobre ellos. Papá le cuenta sobre algunos de los animales que verán como rinocerontes, jirafas, cocodrilos, elefantes, tigres, águilas y mucho más. 



Williams has a special surprise up his little sleeve for Mom’s birthday. It involves his Dad… and a lot of cooking! Unlike every other regular day, today is a really, really special day—at least for William. It’s Mom’s birthday! And he has a special little surprise planned for her that is going to bring a big smile to her face. 

Need a fun story for bedtime reading? Look no further as you follow the adventure of William and his Dad in making Mom’s birthday a memorable one! With a visually appealing and colorful illustration with a style that is fascinating and easy to read, Cooking With Dad is a captivating book for children that is perfect for cozying up with your kids before turning out the lights!

Cocinando Con Papá (Cooking With Dad – Spanish)

Spanish Edition - Paperback

Es un día muy emocionante para Miguel. Es el cumpleaños de mamá y para que sea especial. Miguel y su papá irán a una aventura de cocina para el día especial de mamá. El propósito de la historia es mostrar una conexión especial entre un padre y su hijo. “Cooking With Dad” introducirá a Miguel en las listas, siguiendo los patrones e instrucciones establecidos. También destacará el vínculo entre padre e hijo, así como el amor incondicional de los padres por sus hijos.



Are you feeling down, stuck between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to turn to and no one to ask for help? Then this book is for you! In The Gift of Grace, Corinthus Alston shows you what Grace really means, and not as the world would define it, but as God’s powerful love for you to bring you closer to him. With relevant metaphors and stories from his personal life. 

Corinthus clearly demonstrates how the power of God’s Grace can completely change your life for better… forever. While many books of this nature tend to focus on the spiritual and mental aspects of going through difficult periods in life, The Gift of Grace is a guide that offers practical, actionable advice that is divinely inspired and backed by God’s immutable words. The Gift of Grace will help you let go of your past and get you started on your journey to spiritual healing and escape the chains of sin while  bringing you closer to God.


latest book

In this this book, Corinthus expresses how to use these three powerful keys to completely transform your life as well as help you cultivate the habit of patience, the understanding that you have to go through the process and the need for preparation.


latest book

Williams’s favorite activity was playing at home with his Dad and Mom. They often had a lot of fun and laughter with exciting games, and he often learned a lot about the world.

Today was no different.

William was about to discover a whole new world of amazing shapes and colors, with his Mom and Dad as his guide. He will find out that everything in his world was made up of various shapes and colors, and William, in his excitement, can’t wait to learn their names!